About us

Armidale Sportspower is a locally owned and operated store serving the city of Armidale and the wider region.

Paul Schmude and his wife Veronica bought the store in 2005 from Dave Robins, after Paul had worked as an assistant for some years, building up his knowledge and contacts with the regional sporting community and national suppliers of sporting goods.

Both Paul and Veronica come from well-known Armidale families who have long been active in local sports - including football (soccer as well as rugby, both league and union), cricket, netball, cycling, golf and athletics.

Our philosophy of service

At Armidale Sportspower, we take special pride in offering the local community a first-class service in sport-related clothing, equipment and footwear. Paul and his staff are themselves active in sport and are able to offer informed advice on a great range of sporting needs.

We give special attention to the community’s interest in fitness and health, and we stock an impressive array of fitness equipment.

A local store serving the local community

The prime aim of Armidale Sportspower is to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a local store – and we strive to offer a friendly shopping environment that treats every customer as an individual person.

We want everyone who comes into our store to be satisfied with the service they receive. We’d like them to return for further buying opportunities – and to recommend Armidale Sportspower to their friends and fellow players.

After-sales service

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent after-sales service - in particular, if any goods are faulty and need repairing or replacing. This is a big advantage of an on-the-spot store like Armidale Sportspower, backed up with informed and committed service. Internet buying can be appealing at times in relation to price, but it poses difficulties for the customer when things go wrong and a personalised response is required.

Armidale Sportspower – local and global

Our Armidale store enjoys the vital advantage of being part of national group, Sportspower. This gives our store both global buying power and a strong marketing profile. It enables us to make available to our customers quality products at competitive prices.

But we are also a local store, and we strive to put back into the Armidale community, via our sponsorship of various teams, the benefits of local purchasing.

We are here to serve you – whatever your sporting and fitness needs are.

If you like a local service which supports the community, and also want the benefits of global buying power, Armidale Sportspower is the place to come.